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About the Eugene Lyon Education Fund

SAAA established the Eugene Lyon Education Fund (ELEF) in 2021 to support the needs of students as they pursue their studies in  anthropology and related fields. The Fund is named in honor of the late Dr. Eugene Lyon, a distinguished scholar whose groundbreaking  research helped shape our understanding of early Spanish Colonial America. The grants are raised through SAAA seed money and donations from individual SAAA members.

Fostering the Next Generation of Researchers

Funding provides support for research across all disciplines of archaeology, anthropology and history relating to St. Augustine or Northeast Florida. Applications are accepted from students or anyone involved in scholarly research. These funds can be used to cover costs associated with research, fieldwork, travel, or other expenses connected with presentations at professional meetings.

View of St. George Street in St. Augustine, Florida

Now Accepting Applications for the Fall 2024 Award Cycle!

Funding is made possible by generous donations made to the Eugene Lyon Education Fund

Apply Now

The St. Augustine Archaeological Association (SAAA) is making available $500 for the Fall 2024 award cycle. The entire amount may be given to a single individual or divided among applicants at the discretion of the Eugene Lyon Educational Award Committee.

Applications are due on April 1st, 2024 (extended from February 1st).

Help Us Continue to Support Research

To contribute to the Eugene Lyon Educational Fund and support new and upcoming research, please consider donating. This initiative would not be possible without support from SAAA members! 

Past Award Recipients

2021 -- Charlie Hall, "Fort Mose: Field School Summer 2021"

2021 -- Jon Endonino, "Coontie Island Artifact Collection Documentation and Analysis"

2021 -- Aaron Ellrich, "Between Two Empires: Taste, Choice, and Household Trends at Colonial St. Augustine, Florida"

2022 -- Myles Sullivan, "Portuguese Wine, an Old Spanish Town, and a New British Colony: Cosmopolitanism and Consumption in St Augustine, FL"

2023 -- Jacob Woodard, “Black Drink and the Quest for Caffeine: Residue Analysis on Cape Canaveral Pottery” 

2023 -- Alexandria Griffin, “Uncovering and Restoration of Uncharted Graves at Cape Canaveral” 

2024 -- Victoria Hayes, "Exploring Site Activities within the South Field Area of the Mill Cove Complex"

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